MSE Events is a fan based organisation that was established in 2008. Mse Events and is dedicated to the pursuit of organising 'Family Comic Convention's and Sci- Fi/Comic Book Shows and Fairs' in the Northwest region of England and surrounding regions including North Wales. MSE Events is run by a small group of fans, including volunteers, who are passionate about all things related to comics, science fiction and fantasy. It's primary focus for its events, is that of 'Entertainment' although on occasion some stars that have appeared in various acting/television roles, may be featured as invited guests.

In such instances, attendees of guest related shows, that have paid to see a guest, need to be aware, that any of the advertised actors,have the right to cancel their appearance, at any given time, due to being offered acting/filming work elsewhere(which can sometimes happen on short notice) will in that case not be entitled to a refund. Neither will refunds be given by the organisers where guests have had to cancel due to illness, bereavement or acts of god/circumstances beyond their control.


MSE Events always has an open policy with regards to Cosplay Groups that have a featured attraction to offer, or that incorporates something interactive in terms of entertainment for its attendees. And (at it's larger events/comic conventions) is willing to offer expenses reimbursement for travel incurred if the said cosplay group are considered by the organisers to…

  a) Be within a certain distance of no more than 100 miles from where the event is located.

  b) Can not just turn up at the event on the day making claims for travel expenses, without prior agreement       from the organiser.

  c) Must show/give evidence, proof of travel costs to the organisers, before monies can be paid.

  d) Possess public liability insurance and show proof of it to the organisers prior the event.

  e) Agree to all and any other terms that may be outlined/discussed by the organisers such as appearance       times, special provisions and arrangements.

MSE Events always welcomes new volunteers. If you are interested in being a volunteer at any of our events please email us at Please note... voluntary positions are unpaid.

About featured guests/actors at our events