MSD PROPS will be attending with their Harry Potter display and Bumblebee! Grey Jedi Order Cosplay Parrots and Pirates Caroline’s appearance is courtesy of Star Booking Management and Icon Ventures. Caroline Munro Zara Phythian Zara was most recently seen as a zealot of Kaecilius is the huge Marvel Studios hit Doctor Strange, but also known for roles in Morgan, Kung Fu Darling, Knights of the damned and upcoming productions of The Dark Kingdom, Hunters, Outlawed and Transit 17. Ross O'Hennessy

Elen Thomas is a Welsh actress, performer and

Hair & makeup artist based in Cardiff.

First appearing on our screens on the comeback

episode of Dr Who as an Auton in 'Rose' (S1/Ep1)

alongside Christopher Eccleston and Billie Pipper.

In Series 2 she became The Clockwork Woman in 'The

Girl In The Fire Place’.

Elen then went on to become one of the most feared

Dr Who monsters of all time. A Weeping Angel in

'Blink' (S3).

She also appeared briefly as A Future kind in

'Utopia' (S3) and as a Vasta Nerada (S5).

It was her roll as a Weeping Angel in 'Blink' which

fueled a desire to branch out to Hair & Make up. Elen

has since worked as a hair & makeup artist on many

shows including: The Bastard Executioner,

Galavant,The Crown, The State, Will, Bang, Class,

Britannia, Crazy Head and Poldark.

Elen is also a Ukulele playing singer/ songwriter

involved with various music projects.

Chris Bunn was the original Stormtrooper in Star wars

a New Hope plus.

He also appeared in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. He also had parts in 4 James Bond films, Superman and Batman to name but a few.

Apart from being a co-pilot in the Star Wars film,The Last Jedi, Daniela also played Claire in an independent feature film called Zombie Hood, wife in a short film called Hush Hush, leading lady in the short film called The Hidden Agenda and many more.